little thoughts.

1. I love family.
2. I think I might.
3. Today was good. We belong together? :]
4. You're so cute. One day? :P
5. Love is worth the fall.
6. So, you call me a backstabbing bitch. And then you text me today saying thank you, and the thank you was for something totally irrelevant, and you were a little late. What the fuck? I'm sure you've heard the things I say about you. I don't want you in my life, I'd say it to your face but you blow me off.
7. I'm a bitch.
8. Don't fucking give me those looks. Just because I sat in the back with all the guys, and you were with her? Fuck that. I'm not a whore and I wasn't flirting with them. That's annoying.
9. We can't get back the time we wasted.
10. I love you, however. . .

this is thought #20811.

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